Adam Beck | DMHO

adam-bw Adam Beck graduated from Plymouth High School in Indiana in the year 2000. One year later he joined Denver and the Mile High Orchestra as a trumpet player.During the past decade Adam has entertained millions of people by performing on primetime television, radio, and at nearly a thousand venues across North America and Europe. He has performed at both the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, and at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens Greece. (Where he bought his wife’s wedding ring!)Crowds are often delighted not only by Adam’s music but also by his captivating stage presence and comedic timing. He has been known for his eccentric, theatrical, and silent antics and by his creative way of involving the crowd in a performance.
“I love being an entertainer. I like to impress people with skillful music and to make them laugh at the same time. If I can give people my best for two hours by playing, singing, dancing, and just having fun on a stage to the point where they leave the auditorium with a smile on their face and feeling relaxed, encourage, and at peace – if I can use something as simple and sometimes as silly as entertainment to communicate the truth that God loves you, then I’ve done my job.”
Artists Adam has performed or recorded with include:
  • Denver and the Mile High Orchestra
  • Dino
  • The Clark Brothers
  • Annie Moses Band
  • Avalon
  • Casting Crowns
  • PureNRG
  • Mandisa
  • Travis Cottrell
  • Leif Shires
  • Jaimee Paul
  • Kathie Hill
  • Sixwire
  • Charles Billingsly
  • Natalie Grant
  • Michael English
  • The Gaither Homecoming
  • Tiffany Thurston


Adam with Rick Baptist and the trumpet section from Denver and the Mile High Orchestra at CBS studios in 2007
adam-three Adam is still touring with Denver and the Mile High Orchestra. When he is not on the road, Adam performs at various venues in Nashville and plays trumpet, accoustic guitar, and also sings along with his wife who plays violin.
Adam is also the founder of Vid Chat University. VCU provides unrestricted access to live and personal music lessons from working industry professionals, each of whom have extensive resumés and years of experience both as studio and live musicians.  Lessons are taught via modern technology of video conferencing which allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to study with working professional musicians in the big cities in the convenience of their own home and schedule.
Adam currently plays on a Bach Stradivarius model 37 with a sterling silver plus bell and a Yamaha 8310Z (Bobby Shew model). Adam is endorsed by Patrick Mouthpieces. (Currently playing on 5Z, 81M, 3C, 3FS.)   Concerts with Cloud 9 Orchestra 11.19.2011…Winshape Marriage Retreat (Rome, GA) 12.10.2011…Cloud 9 Christmas at the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame #1 (Birmingham, AL) 12.11.2011…Cloud 9 Christmas at the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame #2 (Birmingham, AL)