“Somebody pinch me please, I must be dreaming.” You know that feeling don’t you? It comes to mind when you have those “cloud nine” moments in life that take you by surprise. You know when you experience it, and you often try to make it back to that place. This thought comes to mind when Scooter Ward, founder, manager, and performer of Cloud 9 Orchestra goes out on stage. “Performing has always been something I’ve enjoyed all throughout my life,” he says. “The C9O experience is very special to me because of all the rich detail associated with it.”

The seed of the idea was planted in Scooter’s mind back in 2009, after singing BGV’s on tour with Denver and the Mile High Orchestra during two concerts in the Florida panhandle.  Inspired with resolve, he pursued a vision he had for a band of his own.

Enter the Cloud 9 Orchestra, a “Little Big” Band of professional musicians. A non-profit organization, C9O is setup as a 10-piece band; however, it is flexible and can range in size from a 7-piece combo to a full, 17-piece big band, playing a wide range of musical genres for both secular and religious venues.

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Scooter desires to give folks a cloud nine experience wherever he and his band perform.  He states, “The closest experience to Heaven this side of glory is ‘cloud nine.’  A true ‘cloud nine experience’ comes when you realize the hope, joy, grace, and truth found through a personal, love relationship with God through Jesus Christ—It is out of this world!”

Whether it is a wedding, corporate event, conference, concert, or any other special occasion,  C9O has a way of making each performance memorable and enjoyable.  Take your event to the next level, make the moment a fragrant memory, add some flavor to your holiday or special occasion.  Cloud Nine is waiting for you! 
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