Scooter Ward

Zoot Suit Scooter

Manager / Lead Vocals / Alto Saxophone

Scooter has been singing ever since the age of five.  He has starred in various leading roles in musicals, ensembles, choirs, and as a soloist all throughout his life.  He was a classical voice major at Florida State University back in the mid to late 90s.  Having completed all his musical studies, he decided that unless he was a music teacher or “American Idol” he would need to get into a program that could support a family.  After much prayer and consideration, he changed majors and decided to pursue music as a hobby.  Shortly after graduating with his BA from Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham, AL, he was accepted to USAF Officer Training School in 2002. He has completed more than nine years of active duty service as an Air Battle Manager and is now a full-time student in graduate studies. After joining the military, he stopped singing for a good while, except for in the shower.  However, he did continue playing piano from time to time in the privacy of his home (having studied for eight years from middle school into college). Back in 2008, while deployed to the Middle East in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Scooter formed a small band to entertain the troops over the holidays as well as worked with the chaplains to provide music for the base chapel services as a worship leader.   He got back into the musical scene once again, and vowed to make his hobby a lifelong pursuit. One of the highlights of his musical accomplishments was working with Denver and the Mile High Orchestra, a modern-day big band out of Nashville, TN.  DMHO was featured on Fox’s Next Great American Band back in 2007 who went all the way to the show’s finale taking third place overall.   Scooter was asked to sing background vocals with them at two of their local concerts in the panhandle in 2009.  Being a fan of big band music, he has always dreamed of singing with his very own band one day.  That experience caused him to reflect and inspired him to pursue his dream to grow old singing and playing in or with a big band.  He formed the Cloud 9 Orchestra in May 2010, and the band premiered at the Martin Theatre on December 18, 2010 to a crowd of more than 250 people. He hopes to inspire future musicians and ones who have left the instruments collecting dust in the closet.  His goal for 2013 and beyond is to launch the band on a more regional level and gain greater exposure. As of January 2013, the Cloud 9 Orchestra has performed sixteen concerts, including the following:

12.18.2010…”A Cloud 9 Christmas” at the Martin Theatre (Panama City, FL)

07.2.2011…”Let Freedom Swing” featuring Cloud 9 Orchestra (Panama City, FL)

07.3.2011…Patriotic Service for Northside Baptist Church (Panama City, FL)

11.19.2011…Winshape Marriage Retreat (Rome, GA)

12.10.2011…Cloud 9 Christmas at the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame #1 (Birmingham, AL)

12.11.2011…Cloud 9 Christmas at the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame #2 (Birmingham, AL)

12.22.2011…”Jingle Bell Swing” Benefit Concert for Noah’s Ark Ministry (Panama City Beach, FL)

02.14.2012…“Valentines on Cloud 9” at Bay Banquet Hall (Panama City, FL)

03.3.2012…Children’s Volunteer Health Network Benefit Concert (Alys Beach, FL)

04.20.2012…Relay for Life Benefit Concert at Tommy Oliver Stadium (Panama City, FL)

05.10.2012…Fred Astaire Birthday Party at Fred Astaire Dance Studio (Panama City, FL)

05.19.2012…Studio 415 Grand Opening Ball (Panama City, FL)

07.1.2012…”Let Freedom Swing” featuring Cloud 9 Orchestra (Panama City, FL)

08.18.2012…”High Five for Mike” Benefit Concert (Birmingham, AL)

12.22.2012…”Jingle Bells Swing” at Northside Baptist Church (Panama City, FL)

01.24.2013…SEBC Presidential Council Dinner at Vestavia Country Club (Vestavia Hills, AL)


Upcoming Shows…

05.25.2013…“Birmingham Freedom Festival” at Crestwood Festival Center (Irondale, AL)

06.08.2013…“HealthFirst CPR Day” at Space Coast Stadium (Melbourne, FL)

06.30.2013…”Let Freedom Swing” featuring Cloud 9 Orchestra (Birmingham, AL)